We are Aloemed Global Limited

Aloemed Global Limited is a nutrition company incorporated in Ghana to produce natural and healthy outer (hair and skin products ) and inner nutritional products based on the potent power of the aloe vera plant.

We offer a great deal of service to a growing youthful population whose care and anxieties are on how healthy their skin, hair and body. The mission is to serve Ghana’s domestic market and other international consumers with pure formulation that heals and rejuvenates the body’s defense system and enhance its beauty. We are striving to become an acclaimed brand in body, skin, hair nutritional products that guarantee end-user satisfaction.

Currently, our products are distributed nationwide by over 100 distributors and agents. Also, our products have reached countries such as USA, Canada, Belgium, Japan, India, and Germany, and processes are presently underway to expand into the largest African free trade area.

Meet Our Board of Directors, Ghana & Nigeria

Patrick Sunkyebe (Managing Director)

Prof. Rosemond Boohene (Non-Executive Director)

How Our Products Work

Our products include; Aloemed moisturizing conditioner, Aloemed strengthening shampoo, Aloemed strengthening conditioner, Aloemed hair pomade, Aloemed hair gel, Aloemed hair collagen oil, Aloemed body wash, Aloemed body cream, etc.

Made exclusively in Ghana, this incredible hair kit awakens the growing potential of your hair strands.

In recent years, researchers have identified the importance of a remarkable plant called Aloe Vera.

It is the key ingredient in Aloemed Hair Kit. And crucial to your ability to grow healthy, well-moisturized and shiny hair.

Michelle Blaisure, a certified trichologist in Sacramento, California, says aloe vera is very rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids all of which can help improve the health of your hair.

Features of ALOEMED:

Aloemed Hair Kit is a blend of natural ingredients: proteins, vitamins, aloe vera, fatty acids and more.

The hair product is an impressive combination of powerful natural ingredients.

Aloemed, a chemical-free hair-nourishing formula:

  • Relaxes the scalp.
  • Improves the hair quality.
  • Reduces the scalp irritation with the help of the fatty acid in it.
  • Detangles the hair.
  • Maintains the scalp pH.
  • Slows down hair breakage.
  • Repairs sun damage to the hair.
  • Strips off excess oil that leads to dandruff.
  • Strengthens and repairs damaged hair strands.
  • And leave the hair clean, sleek and shiny.

Testimonies From Customers Who Have Used Our Products In Nigeria

Aloemed Nigeria Wants You To Become Our Sales Agent In Your City

“Start Making N35,000 Weekly Selling Products Without Marketing”

  • Its Not Network Marketing
  • Now Marketing Required From You 
  • Its Not Affiliate Marketing
  • You Don’t Have To Dance On Tiktok
  • No Posting On Whatsaap Or Facebook Everyday
  • Its Not Ponzi Scheme
  • No Referral
  • No Website

See How It Works

“If we accept you as our city sales agent,

It becomes our responsibility to send you products + buyers list.

While you ensure efficient delivery to our customers.”

Here Is Full  Details Below

  • We sell hair growth and treatment products, solving problems that people will always rush to buy.


  • You pre-order the products from us at very good discount prices in bulk.
  • Our team of digital marketers will then send you list of customers to buy from you at retail prices.
  • In summary, we’re giving you both goods and customers to sell to.
  • SO all you do is simply deliver to the customers and take cash on delivery from them.
  • With this process, N35,000 weekly profit is very possible.

There are some terms though…

  • Distributors must contact customers sent to them and provide update at most 2hours after assignment.


  • Distributors must deliver to customers assigned to them at most 48hours.


  • Distributors must be able to follow up customers that could not pick up their order the first day, to enable them collect their goods and pay up.

Please Take Note…

“This Is Not Open To Everyone And There Are Limited Slots Per City.”

Asking Why Our Company Wants To Partner With You?

This is a Good Question…

Now this is why we are doing this.

Its not because we want to feed the world and dash people money from our daily sales.

This is the logic.

We have a problem… Logistics / Delivery

You see, Product Marketing and sourcing comes really easy for us.

But Logistics and delivery has been a major problem, especially Cash on delivery.

Because we get orders from everywhere, its hard sending single piece of our products everywhere. Its not even profitable.

So we decided to create a WIN – WIN Situation.

  • We send you at least 24pcs at once, and then send you addresses to customers that are very close to you such that you’re spending very little on transport.
  • And then the capital you’ll give us upfront will allow us spend more money on marketing and get faster results and plenty customers for you.
  • We can also manufacture products at cheaper prices since we have more money with us already.

I Hope It makes Sense Right?

Yes, Its a real good investment partnership that guarantees you over N35,000 weekly profit and more…

How Much Capital Must I Have?

To become one of our sales distributor in your city, it would cost you a minimum of N57,000 only. We would send you a carton of our products (24pcs) that worth that same money you paid to us, and also send you list of customers to deliver to on daily basis.

Each carton of N57,000 we sent to you, after delivering to the customers we sent to you, you are going to make N72,000 instantly.

When you deduct the initial cost of N57,000 from the N72,000 sold out cash then your gross profit would be N15,000.

We have seen where a delivery agent was able to finish delivering of a carton in a day before 12noon. So you can go ahead and book for a new set of products instantly as our orders comes daily to you.

Remember you are not doing any marketing, no advert or social media influencing. We are doing all for you including the waybill money to your location. The only thing you do for us is to deliver to the customer and and take your initial cash back and profit too.

Hmm…What If We Fail To Send Customers?

In any occasions where we’re unable to send customers within the stipulated timeframe, which I know that would hardly happen, distributors can request for a capital refund of unsold items.

This process takes about 3 weeks. The reason is to allow us process the request and retrieve items.

This clearly makes this a risk free opportunity.

You Know What? To Further Prove That This is Real…

If you scale through our process as I will share with you soon, we’ll send you a small list of buyers you can call to confirm.

And this is even before you pay us a dime. 

Here’s What You Need To Do NOW…

  • Click on the button below and submit the form to check if there’s still a slot in your city. If there’s still a slot, quickly contact me on WhatsApp with the number on the next page to further check if you qualify to partner with us in sales and distribution.


  • If luckily you qualify, we’ll process your order for the products, waybill to your location and also send you some buyers to call within 24-48hrs to confirm this is real.


  • Afterwards, we’ll add you the our private group where we send orders to our sales distributors daily. More customers, more profit for you… 


This is no bluff.

We do not work with a lot of persons so as to keep our operations lean and very effective. 

We’ll rather have few satisfied persons per city who keep returning to buy more than have a lot of dissatisfied persons everywhere.

Hence, we work with only a few. 

So, you must hurry. 

Thanks for taking a reasonable decision today that would make you cool money without stress.

Join ALOEMED GLOBAL LTD Today As A Sales Partner/Distributor.

Best Regards,

Mr. Okenya Alphonsus O.

M/D Aloemed Nigeria.

No. 3 Clegg Lane, off Funsho Williams Avenue, Ojuelegba, Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria.

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